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Here are 5.6 million records of kids' naming trends across the USA.
Did you know that cult movies like Harry Potter have significantly influenced the “naming trends”?

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Case 1

Since the first Harry Potter movie, at least 5 kids are named Hermione annually.

After the franchise’s last part, Draco’s count jumped from 0 to 41, mainly in California.

Case 2

Can you think of another series as much popular as the boy who lived?

Daenerys Targaryen "Khaleesi" really became a role model after the Games of Thrones had released.

Hint: the premier of the series was in 2011. Can you find all the heirs to the title?

Case 3

In 2018, Southwest Airlines apologized after a member of its staff mocked a girl heading to Texas, whose name was Abcde, considering the name a very odd choice.

But as you can see, naming girls by the first 5 letters of the alphabet is quite a trend in Texas. And it also sounds amazing — ab-si-dee!

Case 4

And the last one. "As you name the boat, so shall it float." That's probably what parents were thinking when calling their child Champ! Or Champion. Or Lucky.

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