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Our proof of concept for the new technology is ready.
In this demo, the grid displays a 1.6 GB file with 11 million records in an instant.
This is a real dataset you can download.

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Narrow your search to focus on the needed data. Specify the data range you want by filtering numeric or string values.



Sort records by numerical values or arrange text values alphabetically, making it easier to find extremes and standouts.



Seamlessly scroll through 11 million records when the majority of software cannot even open a file of this size.


More features?

This is a PoC version with basic grid features. We would love to hear your suggestions for the future product features you need.

That is how we believe your grid should actually work

The Idea Behind

How the fastest grid is being created

Loading massive data volumes has always been a time-consuming process. We are the developers determined to change it.

With more than 14+ years of expertise in developing trend-setting products such as Flexmonster and WebDataRocks, we feel ambitious about creating a new standard of working with big data.

This new approach incorporates split-second data processing we want to apply to our future grid.

We present this new technology with the developers in mind. We hope to reach the right audience of like-minded people who could use its potential to the fullest.
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How does DataTableDev work

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